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Submission for Forks Over Knives Magazine

This is just a taste of Craig's story and all the incredible transformation he's gone through in not only himself, but so many through his education and progressive plant based pediatric practice! I am happy to send you more about his story but below you will see his before and after pictures, as well as an in-depth profile by the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, and our talk on I am Northwest Arkansas to try and get the word out to our community. I think Craig is such an incredible example of the healing power of plant-based nutrition and I know your readers will as well! As loyal readers of your magazine, as we read it each month, I would always say " how neat would it be to get off all your medicines (FIVE) and one day be in this magazine as a success story! And here we are! He is off of all his medicines as you will read and went on to get certified in plant-based nutrition through Cornell and is now board certified in Lifestyle Medicine - this is how passionate he is about being a change maker! I hope you will consider him for your magazine and had a special photoshoot with the hopes that you will! We appreciate your time and consideration!
                                                                Amy Keever



Finding solutions
Profile/ Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Dr. Craig Keever uses plant-based nutrition for health issues.


Transform Your Health with Plant-Based Living in Northwest Arkansas- Insights from Dr. Craig Keever

I am Northwest Arkansas podcast

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